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Hello, and welcome to my home. This is a guide to help you have a good stay.

How to get to the place?

From Oslo Airport Gardermoen

The easiest is to take Flybuss 1 or 3.

  • Flybuss 1 you go off the bus at  Sinsen T.
  • Flybuss 3 you go off the bus at Sinsenkrysset.

You can buy a ticket on the buss, or on their official website.

Here is a map showing Flybuss 1:

From Oslo Central Train station

There is a couple of ways to get to the apartment from the central station. The easiest way is to take Trikk "17 Sinsen-Grefsen st."  Get of at "Sinsenterrassen". You can buy a ticket in the ruter Android and IOS app.  You only need a "zone 1 ticket". Here is a map:

How to find the entrance?

The apartment is in a big silo renovated to hosting units in 2001. Since it is a big silo, it is easy to see. Use entrance C, the apartment is on the 1st floor.

Here is a Video of me walking to the apartment.

What is in the apartment?

Coffee, coffeemaker, oats and strawberry-jam for cooking some easy oatmeal when you need a simple and good breakfast. There is soap and shampoo in the shower, clean towels and of course clean sheets on the bed.

Wi-Fi (300mbit🔥)

  • username: WiFi Get-EC1190
  • password: yjz5qmyjzt

What do you want to find?

Links will take you to google maps with the locations.


The nearest one is Bunnpris, it is small, a bit expensive, but are open 8-23 every day of the week.

The best supermarket in walking distance is Rema 1000 Thorsovdalen. Better prices, bigger and better produce. Closed sundays.

Getting around

The best way to get around fast is taking the T-bane. The nearest T-bane station is only 300 meters away, and it is called Sinsen T-bane.

Are you a runner?

My girlfriend and I run alot. We are long distance runners. If you want to run in Oslo with us, please let me know, and we can show you the best best places to do intervalls, or a round with good views. Hers is my Strava, if you need some inspiration.

What to do when leaving the place?

  • Remove the bedding and leave it on the bathroom floor with your towels.
  • Take your garbage out and put it in the large garbage containers outside the building.
  • Clean your dishes.
HOw to turn on the dish washer

We have a saying in Norway

If you like something tell everyone, if there is something you did not like, please tell me.